BAHIA ASUNCION                                                                                           

November 20

We pulled anchor at first light and set sail for Bahia Asuncion, which would be a nice 10 hour day sail. There wasn't much wind so we decided to fish. We were soon rewarded with a big  Bonito, a type of  tuna.


AscensionUpon arriving, we had happy hour on Ascension in Asuncion. Seemed fitting. We listened to the weather forecast and the cruiser's net and found out that there was a low threatening to bring strong storm force winds down the coast. So it was a unanimous decision to stay put in Bahia Asuncion until the front passed through.

Next morning we went ashore and explored the town. A very friendly town, we were stopped by a fellow from Alaska who now lives in Bahia Asuncion. We chatted for a while and hadn't walked more than 50 feet down the street when we were stopped again, this time by a Canadian woman who invited us to her house for a beach party.

We had to decline because we were committed to a pot luck on In the Mood, along with Wandering Star, Reaction and Promise that evening. Pictured left to right: Gord, Gary, Malcolm, Russ, Tom.



Coming back to the boat after the potluck, we were escorted by a seal that frolicked beside and underneath the dinghy all the way. I was sure he would jump right in the dinghy as we were trying to climb aboard. So we decided to hoist the dinghy out of the water in case the seal got any ideas about using it for a comfortable bed that night!

There was much discussion about a building weather front that was heading down the coast so we decided to remain in the anchorage until the weather settled. A panga came to the boat and we were able to trade 2 bottles of our Two Buck Chuck for 6 lobster. We had a delicious dinner that evening and had plenty left over the next day for a pasta dish.

November 25

Since the weather seemed to have settled, we decided to sail to Santa Maria with Reaction at dawn. It would be an overnight sail plus 2 days.





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